Pre-School Classes

Our preschoolers develop a passion for movement and fitness, while learning valuable social skills in a fun, safe, and positive, family-friendly environment.

1,2 and You- 45 Minutes (18-36 months) Parent/Child Class

You and your child will be introduced to the exciting world of gymnastics in this class.  Guided by one of our energetic Preschool coaches, you will roll, swing, balance, and jump your way through our gym! This class is a great opportunity to familiarize your child both with the basics of gymnastics, but also with our program.  Little ones that move from our Parent/Child class to our 3's class are certainly a step ahead in knowing what to expect when when they arrive to class on their own! Ratio 10:1

Tumbling 3's - 45 Minutes (3 Year Old)

This first "on my own" class caters to the child's need for social development as well as gymnastics instruction. Our fun and energetic coaches present the students with basic gymnastics skills through obstacle courses and skill stations.  Introducing them to basics on floor, beam, bars, and vault create a wonderful foundation for further gymnastics development!  Ratio 5:1

Fearless 4's - 55 Minutes (4 Year Old)

As your Preschooler gets older, they are also capable of more challenge!  Not only, is this class 10 minutes longer than that of our 3 year olds, but it will also start to challenge them further in skill development, strength, and flexibility. Skills on Floor, Beam, Bars, and Vault will continue to be developed! Ratio 6:1

On occasion...

You may notice that on occasion, your child's coach may line everyone up and head out to the "Big Gym".  We love to introduce them to the "Big Gym" and all that it has to offer.  When space allows, we will take a little field-trip to the trampolines and/or foam pit!