Recreational Classes

MiniBeginner 55 minutes

This class will focus on all the same skill development as our regular Beginner class (description below).  The only difference is that this class is reserved for our younger Beginners...perfect for the new 5 year old coming from our preschool program. (For ages 5 & 6 only)

Beginner 55 minutes

Introduction to the basic gymnastics skills and terminology on all four women's gymnastics events - Floor, Bars, Beam, and Vault.  In addition to these foundational skills, this class will also bring an introduction to strength training and flexibility that will assist in successful gymnastic development.

Intermediate 55 minutes

Adding more progressions to the basic gymnastics skills and terminology. Gymnasts will focus on technique of old and new skills while continuing with strength flexibility and the addition of dance basics.

Advanced 1hr 25min

Polishing of the basic skills, body positioning, and terminology. Gymnasts will focus on techniques in the areas of, strength, flexibility, and dance while learning more advanced gymnastics skills.

Xcel Prep I/II 1hr 55min

Learning more advanced body shapes, arm positioning, and terminology. Gymnasts will focus on more progressions that lead to advanced skill level in the areas of flexibility, dance, and strength, while continuing to add new skills in with the old skills. These classes will prepare your athletes for the Xcel Competition Team or for their High School gymnastics team when they meet High school age requirements.

High School 1hr 55min

This group is for all gymnasts in grades 7-12 interested in training off season for high school gymnastics, no matter what High School she attends.  Instructors are skilled spotters and knowledgeable in Minnesota State High School League rules.

Ninja 1 55 minutes

This is a class full of tumbling, trampolines, and creative movement.  There will also be a good amount of strength and flexibility training to help these skill progress. Perfect for the child needing to unleash their inner-Ninja and off-load some serious energy!

Ninja 2 55 minutes

Inner-Ninja unleashed and ready for more?  This class will continue to develop all the flips, twists, and turns already established in Ninja 1 plus much more!  (This is an Invite Only class)

Tumbling for Dancers (TFD) 55 minutes

This is the perfect class for dancers wanting to work on their tumbling skills. Focusing on technique, fluidity, and strength, this class will have your dancer powering through their aerial in no time!